Sunday, February 1, 2009

good work, looking forward to more

Hershel, I really enjoyed the few hours I spent listening to your live symposium yesterday afternoon. I used a Skype hookup and was able to work on the accounting while I listened. Yesterday's content was something you won't read about in this morning's paper or see on Meet The Press. It was an evolution that I think is here to stay. We're finally getting straight talk from people who have been at the scene, and getting it without filters or spin.

Joe Debro was incredible, just no nonsense and stripping away the euphemism, the politically correct and the calculated phrases. We don't have time for that sort of thing any more, and he helps us get up and moving.

Pandora Ramsey gave a new perspective to the intrigues swirling around in the Ohio Fairness Campaign, and mentioned two of our hometown team, Peter Lawson Jones and C. J. Prentiss, quite favorably. Irvin Henderson had some critical insights into economic forces, and Dr. Day showed me a little of what he's made of, and I'm looking forward to working with him.

Lawrence Auls was right on the money when he wrapped it: There has not been another higher quality discussion of these issues than what occurred there, with you all on the conference line, yesterday. I'm looking for repeats and ramping this up, now that we're going into the third time around.

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Batson said...

Great Job Dr. Day, Mr. Auls, Mr. Daniels and Mrs. Ramsay and the rest of the steering committee. The discussion was very informative regarding the "what" of historical capacity building programs and the "how to" regarding how "WE" move forward towards growth and prosperity for our communities. We are willing to lend a hand on the next leg if it is slated to be in Cleveland.

Thank You

Mark Batson
Executive Director