Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's Broadband

The U.S. Congress has appropriated $4.7 billion to establish a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program for awards to eligible entities to develop and expand broadband services to rural and underserved areas and improve access to broadband by public safety agencies. Of these funds, $250 million will be available for innovative programs that encourage sustainable adoption of broadband services; at least $200 million will be available to upgrade technology and capacity at public computing centers, including community colleges and public libraries; $10 million will be a transfer to the Office of Inspector General for the purposes of BTOP audits and oversight. Up to $350 million of the BTOP funding is designated for the development and maintenance of statewide broadband inventory maps.

Our [MDi Co-Founder(s)] network proposal of a fiber to the edge network with a million dynamic bandwidth spread spectrum frequency hopping wireless network access points serving American's 200 million undeserved people while creating over 200,000 jobs through 2010 that last through 2020 as we erase the digital divide in America and again make us Number 1.

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