Friday, March 20, 2009

U.S. International Reserve Position

U.S. International Reserve Position

The Treasury Department has stated this month that the U.S. reserve assets data for the past week. According to the US Treasury the U.S. reserve assets totaled $74,132 million as of the end of that week, compared to $73,683 million as of the end of the prior week.


1/ Includes holdings of the Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) and the Federal Reserve's System Open Market Account (SOMA), valued at current market exchange rates. Foreign currency holdings listed as securities reflect marked-to-market values, and deposits reflect carrying values.

2/ The items, "2. IMF Reserve Position" and "3. Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)," are based on data provided by the IMF and are valued in dollar terms at the official SDR/dollar exchange rate for the reporting date. The entries for the latest week reflect any necessary adjustments, including revaluation, by the U.S. Treasury to IMF data for the prior month end.

3/ Gold stock is valued monthly at $42.2222 per fine troy ounce.

4/ The short positions reflect foreign exchange acquired under reciprocal currency arrangements with certain foreign central banks. The foreign exchange acquired is not included in Section I, "official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets," of the template for reporting international reserves. However, it is included in the broader balance of payments presentation as "U.S. Government assets, other than official reserve assets/U.S. foreign currency holdings and U.S. short-term assets."

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